5 simple tips to achieve your goals [step by step]

This is not a magic formula to reach your goals.  These are simple tips to achieve your goals,


31 inspirational, powerful and motivational quotes

Sometimes a quote is enough to change our day but mainly to change our mindset.


Day 2 of personal revolution to improve your life

Day #2 – Organize, clean and declutter
Oh yes, the time has come. If you are an organized person, congratulations; but if you are one of those who accumulates papers, clothes, accessories, items that you do not use very much, it is the moment of a great revolution.


7 beneficios de apreciarte y amarte más cada día [empieza ya]

Para un gran número de personas aprender a amarse es un curso que continuamente desaprueban. Hoy hablaremos de 7 beneficios de apreciarte y amarte más

maravillosos libros

6 wonderful books for your personal development [maravillosos libros]

Agradezco y comparto de corazón esos maravillosos libros que me han ayudado a renovarme y apreciar cada paso que avanzo en mi desarrollo personal.