55 things you can be thankful for


For the past 2 years, I have maintained a Facebook group called 1 year of gratitude with the purpose of helping us to generate the habit of be grateful daily. The invitation is simple, every day or every week you post something for which you want to thank, no matter what.  If you like you can add an image that represents the reason for your appreciation.

I created the group at a time when my life had been very shaken, I felt very sad and I was complaining all the time. I understood that this attitude took me away from my goals and was very toxic so I decided to turn it around. With the idea in mind I checked on the internet and read about some similar proposals and got ready to start.

Today when I look back I recognize that I have improved myself.  Although life continues to present challenges, I am the same but with a different attitude. Sometimes I relapse, I get victimized and I feel that I have no reason to thank that day, however I get out of my bad mood quickly and recognize the many blessings that surround me.

Today, near the day of thanksgiving day that speaks of gratitude for life, I share 55 things you can thank. I chose random some of my reasons to thank and others reasons from the wonderful people of that group who have been with me for almost 2 years. Why 55? Could be 500 but this post would be endless. The number is irrelevant.

Sometimes we think that to be thankful there have to be something special or big reasons. No way.  To be thankful helps us to appreciate more those simple and beautiful things that life has and that we take for granted.

In advance, I thank you for being here with me sharing this reading.

Look for a coffee or a tea, or something else and enjoy the list. While you are doing it, think of 3 to 5 things that you feel grateful for, today. If you want to be part of the group, Welcome (or)! You already know the dynamics.


Thanks for:
  1. Awakening, dawn alive, simply for this day.   
  2. To find parking under a tree with shade.
  3. To sell my car and buy another one.
  4. The reconciliations that I have lived recently.
  5. Live in a country where there are no wars.
  6. The nature that surrounds us.
  7. The rich food and the good wine.
  8. Personal growth achieved this week.
  9. Receive a new member in the family.
  10. The time that today reached me for everything I wanted to do.
  11. Complete a new professional certification.
  12. A day of good news.
  13. Good communication with my children.
  14. The teachings of Louise Hay and how much they have helped me.
  15. The lessons learned today.
  16. Allow me to care for so many people through my profession.
  17. This spectacular view of the sunrise.
  18. My delicious Mocaccino.   
  19. To have a positive week closing.
  20. Today’s weather that has been very cool.
  21. Surviving the traffic jam in a good mood.
  22. The friendships I have had since I was a girl and that I still have.
  23. A day of absolute relaxation.
  24. Reading and listening to Tony Robbins, energizes me.
  25. The changes of plans that open spaces for new possibilities.
  26. A happy, healthy and intelligent son.
  27. The help of the «Doras» (washing machine and clothes dryer). (Doras because in spanish both words end with dora).
  28. A weekend of peace and tranquility.
  29. The life that flow and the key issues that are specified.
  30. My morning cup of coffee.
  31. 31. The walk to the park and the plant that gave me leaves to make a tea.
  32. Go out of the flu and recover from my cold.
  33. The angels that are always appearing in my life, helping me in incredible ways.
  34. A pleasant and happy flight.
  35. Pain that also purifies.
  36. Two free hours and three hours of meditation.
  37. A family Sunday full of laughter and joy.   
  38. Collaborative and synergistic work.
  39. Opportunities to help and contribute.
  40. The invaluable and wonderful health we have.
  41. Because Facebook connected me a while ago with this group.
  42. This month of vacation; I have nourished myself with the joy of living.
  43. Everything I receive and everything that goes; for each lived experience.
  44. Share a sunny day with my friends.
  45. A magical encounter.
  46. My change of life from employee to self-employed, my schedules are more flexible.
  47. Fruits and vegetables, which are great.
  48. My personal yoga practice and how it has positively influenced my life.
  49. One more year of life.  
  50. Internet that allows us to connect quickly and easily with the world.
  51. The flower that my niece gave me today, a detail that made my day.
  52. The dance that makes me sweat, burn calories and have fun.
  53. The bone-crushing hugs that my son and husband give me.
  54. This avocado that someone sold me and is in its point for today.
  55. Have water to bathe me, a bed to sleep, a pillow, a home.

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