7 wonderful tips to relax your mind

7 wonderful tips to relax your mind [actionable tips]


7 wonderful tips to relax your mind [actionable tips]

7 wonderful tips to relax your mind

Since there are no universal truths or remedies, what works for us may not have the same effect on you. Despite this, we encourage you to practice these 7 wonderful tips to relax your mind.

We’ll give you the tips, but you’ll have to look the best way to apply each of these practices and integrate them into your week. The result is worth it, a clear, serene mind that connects naturally with peace and relaxation.

That our life is busy does not mean that our mind should be. You can lead a life full of extraordinary moments with a calm mind. In fact, it is ideal to give us that space to think and reflect before doing, in order to choose to carry out what really connects with the life I choose and want to lead. The week has 7 days or 168 hours.

You can choose to do an activity every day or follow the recipe that we give and find enough time more than one day for each activity, within your weekly hours. You choose how to stop the stress.

#1 – A time of silence.7 wonderful tips to relax your mind

We live in a world full of noise, sounds, words, voices, that fill, shake and stun our brain. With all that noise it is a utopia to relax, quiet and calm the mind and thereby achieve clarity.

20 minutes of silence every day without devices, voices, only natural sounds can connect us with those answers that are inside us and wait for just a little peace to emerge and answer us.

#2 -A while without social networks.

If you practice the previous point you would achieve a 2 in 1 since the silence time is naturally a space without connection to social networks. As we do not know which of these activities you can incorporate quickly, I separated this point because if you do not practice silence on a daily basis I strongly recommend that you include the intentional disconnection of social networks.

They have their useful side but even so, the enormous amount of minutes or hours that we get hooked on social networks is not justified and we disconnect from deep conversations, loved ones, tasks linked to our goals. The recommendation is just 20 minutes a day ( I promise you are not going to die, there is an entire world beyond social networks).

#3 – Time to do something that you love.

At least once a week, set aside some time in your schedule to do something you love. The recommendation is at least 1 hour for you to enjoy it, savor it and experience it to the fullest.

You can choose at the beginning of each week what you are going to do, to have everything that is necessary ready. The most important thing is to separate the time for this and it is essential, that you practice integrity maintaining this activity no matter how busy you may be.

Our productivity improves when we give ourselves the permission to do something that we like, because it stimulates our creativity, raises our energy levels and puts us in a positive tone.

#4 – Play as a child.

It looks like the previous point but it is not the same. Here it is about playing with the same willingness to have fun that you had when you were a child.

For example, I love reading, that fits perfectly with the previous point, but not in this one. In this, we insist it is about playing. There are physical, mental, table games options, the possibilities are wide.

It is ideal that you look for a playmate because doing it in a shared way increases the fun. If you have children or nephews, it can be the ideal time to share with them, learn from their curiosity and let us infect their capacity to laugh and that natural optimism that distinguishes them. The recommended minimum weekly dose: 20 minutes or more.

#5 – Do something different, that is not in your routine.

Break your routine once a week; explore new sensations.

Try a different meal, live something different than usual, try a new activity that has caught your attention for a long time but do not risk doing. Take an unusual route that you always choose; read a book that you do not consider for yourself; watch a movie of a genre you’re not a fan of; dress with colors outside your traditional palette; comb differently.

As you can see there are simple options, even some more risky ones. The idea is to stretch our ability to get out of our comfort zone and increase flexibility.

#6 – 20 x 2 x 1.

It looks like a mathematical formula but it is simply a way of saying and remembering this practice. For every 20 minutes of intense activity, give yourself 2 minutes of rest and 1 minute of breathing and stretching.  This is a wonderful relaxing method.

We have become accustomed to working non-stop for hours, usually in the same position. This affects our back, our body, our sight if we are in front of a computer and every extra minute we are more unproductive.

Schedule an alarm so that every 20 minutes it sounds and reminds you to stop. Just for 2 minutes get up, take a deep breath several times, smile and do some stretching. Your body, especially the column, your mind and your whole being will appreciate it and thank you with a rich productive energy.

#7 – Affirmations and gratitude.

Affirmations help us to reprogram our minds with positive and inspiring beliefs and eliminate many of those limiting beliefs that we have fixed for years.

Gratitude also brings a new mindset. If we are grateful it is because we have reasons, because we are privileged, because there are positive and significant elements in our life. Thanks to waking up, before bedtime and do during the day a list of at least 3 things that you feel grateful for: morning coffee, having a rich and soft pillow, being able to walk with your own healthy limbs.

If you want to start the day with the elevated spirit, thank and affirm as many times as you can in the morning, while you dress, while driving or get up a little earlier and generate an energizing ritual.

If you want to read this post (7 wonderful tips to relax your mind) in Spanish, here is.

Our life is, in essence, the sum of many moments. Some of them seem simple but they are extremely significant and profound …  what are those simple moments that you enjoy the most?

Thank you very much!

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