boost your self-confidence

9 ways to boost your self-confidence [actionable guide]


9 ways to boost your self-confidence [actionable guide]

Self-confidence is the firm conviction that you are able to successfully perform a task or mission, fulfill a goal or make a good choice. It is a mental state that requires practice.

Even if you have accumulated the best skills or knowledge, if you do not trust yourself, it is very likely that you will not achieve the desired results.

And if you are already well equipped with skills, knowledge, talents or attitudes, how do you build, strengthen and boost your self-confidence?

We suppose that you already have what it takes to be a good player, however you feel that it is your little faith or low confidence in yourself that prevents you from winning. If so, we give you below, a guide of 9 tips to boost your self-confidence.


In The 7 habits of highly effective people, Dr. Stephen Covey said: if you want minor changes, work on your actions, but if you want significant changes, work on your paradigms.

The way you see life affects how you feel. How you feel affects your actions (attitudes) and this drive your results.

It’s simple, you look like a winner, you feel good about yourself, therefore you act with confidence, project security and the result is that you win that new account you want, get that promotion deserved or manage to sell that project or a great idea.

boost your self-confidence

Check your thoughts about yourself. Be honest. As you look? From 1 to 10 in general, where 10 is outstanding and 1 is very poor, how do you really evaluate yourself at a professional and personal level?  You look and feel like a winner or continuously have doubts about your ability and performance.

If you detect the mindset you have about yourself is poor and is not aligned with reality, begin to practice visualizations in which you see yourself coming out successful in various situations.

The important thing is to begin to turn your thoughts around and feed your mind with a more just and positive version of you.

Become an optimist, life will not be easier but you will be better equipped for challenges and to enjoy more.


You can have the best skills or give the best results, but if you do not look like a reliable person, they will not buy you.

We do not tell you that physical appearance is everything because as we pointed out at the beginning of this post, we start from the premise that you already have a set of skills or abilities that make you fit for a certain company.

What we want to emphasize is that it is important that you dress and arrange in a manner congruent with the occasion. If you look better, you are more likely to feel better. Do the test.

Clothing or accessories are not going to do the work for you, but give you a good frame, or point of support so you can have the projection of a winner.boost your self-confidence


If you have doubts about it, we recommend that you see Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk about the strength of body language in your performance and levels of personal confidence.

Practice some power poses before starting the day. This can be part of your morning ritual so that the body sends a positive message to your brain and the neurotransmitters release substances that boost your self-confidence.

Take care of your position. Think about the people who inspire confidence, how they move, how they are handled, how they communicate. A person who trusts in himself takes up space and projects security.

That your body helps you and tells your brain «I feel good, I trust you and we go for everything».


So that you are always clear about who you are and what you can offer, make a list of your abilities, everything you feel is good or very good.

It also enunciates your achievements, those excellent results that you have obtained in different areas of your life and that sometimes you forget or minimize instead of taking them continuously into account.boost your self-confidence

Keep this list in a visible place that you can easily access so you can constantly check and remember it.

If there is something that can help you maintain high confidence in yourself, it is to remember and relive your achievements, as well as being aware of the talents, strengths, and abilities you can offer.


Among the people, you know there may be one in whom you detect high doses of self-confidence. Maybe you have said, «I would love to have or show all the confidence that this person has».

That person can become your role model. Observe what he does, how he acts, dresses or talks, what are his usual habits.

It is not about copying it, because we want you to be faithful to your original, but to take some ideas of their behavior and be inspired.

If you do not have a reference in your nearby circle, it can be someone recognized that you admire. The key is to have someone to remind you how you want to become or how you want to see yourself when you have already done intensive mental gymnastics to tone up your own confidence.

boost your self-confidence


We have already said in another post, in a safe area, there is no growth. You must risk more, go out, grow.

Whether at work or in your family circle, you must be willing to express your opinion, your ideas, your proposals or your comments more firmly. Make your personal statement be felt.

Participate and improve your visibility. Stop staying on the sidelines or low profile. It is one thing to be a reserved person who loves their privacy and another to be invisible.


If there is something that undermines self-confidence, is don’t fulfill promises to yourself. It is telling you again and again that you are not trustworthy at all if you can not even fulfill an important commitment with you.


It is preferable not to make promises, if you do not really have the purpose of fulfilling them, than to say «I’m going to do it», only by compromise and then give in or even worse, not even start.

Everything starts with you. The first person to whom you should honor the promises is to you. If you fail your subconscious translates it as you are not reliable and that is projected in all your interactions with other people.


The good is contagious. If you want to boost your self-confidence, try to spend more time with people that you think have this quality.

As well as being an inspiration, as we comment in tip # 5, you will be exposed to this confidence and faith in yourself sticking.

This will also allow you to learn from them, know their routines or rituals, their way of thinking and speaking.

And if you have a good relationship with these people, ask them to give you some tips and recommendations on how you can do to raise your self-confidence.boost your self-confidence


A dose of self-love on a daily basis is a good medicine to multiply self-confidence and self-esteem.

Every day look for ways to show appreciation as you are willing to do for a good friend or loved one.

Express good things about yourself, stop offending yourself and criticize yourself and on the contrary think of 3 things that you have done well during the day and congratulate yourself for it. Practice positive affirmations, give yourself a compliment or indulge yourself with something you want.

Highlight your skills, talents, and strengths. Send yourself a congratulatory note or audio on a regular basis for something you’ve done very well. Forgive easily your mistakes or mistakes and practice self-pity with you.

Take care of your integral health and value your body, all the vital functions that it fulfills for you.

Enjoy who you are. If there is a pillar of self-confidence is love towards yourself because if you love you are able to see and highlight all the good that you have and use it as a platform to continue growing and learning.

Failures are inherent in being human, the important thing is to learn from them, avoid repeating them and leverage in these experiences to keep growing.

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