daily affirmations

Empower yourself with daily affirmations

Empower yourself with daily affirmations

Many have questioned if affirmations are really good and can help change the chemistry of our body and our cells. Thanks to these reasonable doubts, many investigations have been conducted on the impact that affirmations can have on our lives. In this post, we share how you can use affirmations to empower yourself.

Affirmations are phrases intended to affect the conscious and subconscious mind. In some way, by expressing them repeatedly, they generate mental images that can energize, inspire or positively attune us. This, in turn, can affect our subconscious that is the one that powerfully influences our habits, attitudes and, behaviors.

If they are properly structured for us, affirmations can rewire our brain. Neuroscience has discovered that our brain is moldable, like plastic.daily affirmations

«In summary, we have realized that neuroplasticity, the continuous remodeling of the structure and function of the brain, occurs throughout life. It can be affected by everyday experiences, genes, biological agents and behavior, as well as by thought patterns. » David J. Hellerstein, M.D., professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University.

This is where daily affirmations are useful and powerful

Expressed in a systematic way, they can help us change those thought patterns that are buried in the subconscious, become our paradigms and affect our responses to different situations. If they are patterns that empower us to stay, but there are many that become limiting beliefs that self-injure us.daily affirmations

Another important clarification is that affirmations alone do not change the course of things, they are an additional resource that we can use to enhance results. In other words, the action is key but the mindset or mental pattern that underlies our actions is also important.

Our well-aligned actions with enhancing paradigms result in a positive combination to generate the results we want.

How to structure appropriate affirmations for you

Another key point is that you can repeat at the conscious level something but if the subconscious disqualifies it, doubt is generated and the statement loses power, it does not take effect.

  • It is indispensable to personalize your daily affirmations so that they are credible for you.
  • A filter is that you feel better when you say them, that they generate relief.
  • If we are in a very negative tone, saying exaggeratedly positive affirmations can be counterproductive.  Let’s look for something that takes us a step further in front of where we are at that moment.
  • Gradually we can raise the positive tone of the affirmation and elevating our sense of well-being.daly affirmations

Remember that affirmations must be in present tense, first person, positive tone and promote our self-assessment. They usually include a power verb and it is good that they resonate with us, that they use words that are familiar to you.

A key to helping us to use affirmations

Sometimes we feel an affirmation does not fit with us.  If this happens, you can put forward phrases like I am in the process of, I allow myself, I give myself or I grant permission, I am surrounded by, I am open (to ) a, I am willing to ...

For example: if I want to improve my income but I currently experience economic difficulties, I say I am a prosperous person or money flows easily in my life, maybe it does not resonate.daily affirmations

However, if we say I give me permission to attract abundance and prosperity to my life or I am surrounded by abundance, recognizing that, despite my shortcomings, there are many privileges that surround me, I can give it a positive and credible twist.

If I feel very uncomfortable or unsatisfied with my current job, say an affirmation like I enjoy a wonderful job that I love, it probably does not fit.

However, if my purpose is to generate a more positive mentality to look for other work alternatives, I can affirm something focused on how I work: I work with professionalism and joy or I am open to receive new job opportunities.

Bottom line

You can start repeating affirmations you find on the internet but giving them that personal touch that makes them believable for you, that make you feel better or generate a sense of relief.

Verify that they are in the present tense, in the first person, that they contain terms that empower you and reinforce your self-worth and always in a positive tone.

Here are some affirmations you can listen.

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