habits that will change your life

27 habits that will change your life [from A to Z]


27 habits that will change your life [from A to Z]

Habits are usual activities, that is to say, that you practice them repeatedly and with a certain frequency. Some are part of the daily routine, others are more sporadic, but are what you usually do.

If you want to improve your life, start by changing the habits that compose it, because, at the end of the day, your life is the sum of all habits, thoughts, decisions, and attitudes. Below we share 27 habits that will change your life.

What does this list offer you?

To facilitate what you remember and begin to adopt or strengthen these habits that can be called empowering, we associate them with the 26 letters of the alphabet plus a special bonus. Of course, we had serious challenges with some letters, but there is nothing that creativity and good humor cannot overcome.

Each habit, in addition, is associated with one of the 4 basic dimensions we have: physical, emotional (includes relationships), mental and spiritual. We suggest periodicity, but that is your prerogative. And we give you a verification sheet (checklist here) so you can support yourself by incorporating them into your life.

habits that will change your lifeSome are perhaps easier to adopt than others, but all contribute.

Choose which of these 27 habits that will change your life, you are willing to start. It is possible that some of you already practice them, maybe what you need is to improve the cadence so that you optimize the benefits and become a natural part of your life.


Appreciate and love yourself more.  You can not give what you do not have and love others starts with loving yourself.

Make a self-assessment of how you treat yourself. You take care of yourself, you try for the best in terms of habits, balance, maintaining your relationships, or you are the last one on the list, your health is neglected, your relationships on the verge of collapse due to your lack of time and dedication.

Think about how you would show unconditional love to a person you love with passion and madness. Then ask yourself if you are giving that kind of love to you.

Make daily affirmations, if possible in front of the mirror; pay attention to your body and your emotions; Celebrate your victories and give yourself spaces of solitude and well-being for yourself. More ideas here.

The dimension that you work: emotional.

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.    Gautama Buddha


habits that will change your lifeBegin each day with a personal ritual.  May your day start with something you enjoy and prepare you for what comes. This habit can go hand in hand with getting up early or getting up a little earlier than usual so you have time to practice your ritual.

If you read the biography of great leaders, you will see that many have in common the daily practice of morning rituals. There is no perfect formula. Choose 2 or 3 activities, according to your schedule, that you can do each morning to define the energy of your day.

It can be meditating, deep breaths, visualizing, affirmations in front of the mirror, smiling, thanking, minutes of silence, prayer, edifying reading, relaxation exercises, etc.

Choose 2 that you can start incorporating tomorrow and evaluate how you feel and how they helped you manage the day with a different arrangement. Here we give you more ideas on how to start the day in a powerful way.

Dimensions that you work: emotional and spiritual.


Commit yourself to yourself.   Generate commitments with you and strive to fulfill them. Stop always putting others first and leaving yourself last. If you do not have self-esteem and consideration for yourself, how are you going to have it with others?

And if you make the commitment, be principled because every time you break a promise you make, you undermine your inner strength, the message you send is that you are undisciplined, careless and that affects your personal projection.

Make a weekly evaluation of what commitments you made and which still require your attention.

The dimension that you work: emotional.


habits that will change your lifeDrink water.  They repeat it everywhere and that is with a body that is more water than any other component, it is essential. For some people this is an easy task, however, for others, it is a challenge.

Start by keeping track of how much water you drink per day. Sometimes we take it for granted that we are drinking enough water when it is not. Once you do it, determine if it is enough or you can consciously ingest some extra glasses.

The dimension you work: physical.


Eat healthier.  The healthy concept is somewhat subjective. I suggest you research and consult what the new recommendations are and adopt at least some new ones that contribute to your nutrition.

Healthier may involve eliminating or avoiding some foods with low nutritional value and high calories: it may also be eating more vegetables, fruits, vegetables or certain grains; It may be to decrease excess carbohydrates, sugars, carbonated drinks, liquor or meats.

The decision is yours because you know how your current diet is. Focus on evaluating it, balancing what you eat, eating more of what gives you energy and nutrients and avoiding what you know momentarily pleases you and then generates remorse, overweight or illness.

Dimensions you work: physical and mental.


Focus on the present.  Practice mindfulness.  Find a quiet place and spend at least 10 minutes focusing on your breathing.

Avoid living in the past tied to uncomfortable or painful memories. Focus on current experience. Look around you perceive the smells, shapes, colors and appreciate your current experience.

Dimensions you work: mental and spiritual.


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.  To be thankful is vital to maintaining a positive mental attitude, to take advantage of the physical benefits of living in gratitude, to value the privileges that surround us and the gifts that life offers us even in the experiences that we describe as challenging or unpleasant.

Express your gratitude since you get up and for everything that happens to you. Even in what you label as negative, there can be a great gift of life and find the positive side strengthens your ability to handle adversity and your resilience.

Ideas to thank: 55 things you can thank in your life.

The dimension you work: spiritual.


habits that will change your lifeHug someone every day.  Start with you and give yourself a hug. Hugs help to establish contact and can be wonderful signs of love for you and for others. Hugs can be a wonderful spiritual food.

The dimension you work: spiritual and social emotional.


Invest more time in you and the things you love.  Invest at least 10 minutes a day doing a hobby you love, enjoy and find relaxing.

When you do something that you love, you elevate your vibration, reduce your stress levels and recharge your inner batteries to face any challenge that your week or your days brings.

The dimension you work: spiritual.


Join a group.   Join a group of like-minded people from whom you can learn and be inspired.

Think of a hobby or something you like to do and look for a group with which you can share this hobby. In addition to enjoying doing something you like, you can learn from others and meet new people with interests common to yours.

The dimension you work: social-emotional.


Keep a positive attitude. Life is not rosy or easy all the time. Of course, there are challenges and situations that you find difficult to digest, but you are better armed and gifted when you face any circumstance with a positive mentality than when you go with a pessimistic and difficult vision.

Being positive is not about laughing 24 hours and doing as if nothing mattered to you. To be positive is to face even the most complex of problems with a mind focused on solving first, rather than getting hooked on emotions, blaming others and becoming a victim.

To be positive is to find behind each experience, however difficult it may be, the lesson or the gift that comes there and that can impact your life in a transcendental way.

To be positive is to take care of your body because you handle with greater integrity the challenges and avoid the effects of the chemicals that you secrete when you get angry or stressed and that sometimes are somatized in illness.

Dimensions that you work: emotional, spiritual and mental.


habits that will change your lifeListen with attention and empathy. For those who like to talk non-stop, this is a good habit to practice. You need to listen to understand, connect and empathize rather than to replicate, respond and convince.

Some are so anxious to impose their point of view, that they lose the ability to listen to the other. They even pretend to listen when they are really thinking about what they are going to answer, of course, while you think this you lose connection with what they are communicating to you.

Bite your tongue if necessary and listen carefully and use your eyes so you can connect and detect powerful body language.

If you are one of those who listens while watching the phone or watching the computer, you are missing the real communication and you are not connecting with that other human being. If you are a father, apply this urgently with your children.

The dimension that you work: emotional.


Move your body and exercise.  Each week between your vital tasks includes physical exercise. If you can do it every day is better, but if you have a demanding schedule, commit yourself to some weekly sessions.

Experts say that it is worth more frequency than long hours of sporadic exercise. We suggest you think at least 3 times a week, sessions of at least 20 minutes.

Choose a physical activity or several with which you feel comfortable. This does not have to be uncomfortable. If you like to dance, for example, that is an excellent exercise. There are also pilates, yoga, yogalates, weights, walking, running, rhythmic dance, skating, swimming, tennis, cross fit, gymnastics or other sports.

If you do not lean towards one, in particular, choose several and build your weekly physical activity kit.

Dimensions you work: physical and mental.

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Neutralizes negative thoughts, criticisms, and complaints. This habit is related to the previous one.

It tries to depress more attention to what you think and when those limiting beliefs emerge, that little voice that diminishes you or that queen of the drama that criticizes everything or complain all the time. Learn to find pauses, breathe deeply and refocus your energy on solving.

Instead of complaining, think about how you can turn that situation around or what you can learn from that experience, what it has come to your life for, what it means to you.

Remember that you attract what you focus on. If you live complaining, criticizing or imagining the worst scenarios, it is just what will happen to you. Then, do not complain.

A key to improve this is when you catch yourself thinking like that, change that idea for something opposite in positive. For example, you think that the client you attended is going to decline your offer. Take advantage of your imagination, and think what would happen if he/she accept it, how it would favor you, what benefits it would bring you.

More ideas to avoid complaints and criticism in this post.

Dimensions that you work: emotional and mental.


Organize and order your space. An organized space generates better sensations and greater productivity than an area that looks messy or chaotic. The same applies to your home.

Check your stuff every month and make sure you take out, give, sell or donate what you are not using. Take into account that when one vacates spaces, the energy flows better and opens that place for new possibilities.

Are your spaces ordered and free for everything to flow, or the energy is trapped between a lot of things that you almost do not use. Here are some suggestions.

Dimensions that you work: mental and emotional.


habits that will change your lifePlan your week and prioritize. As good disciples of Dr. Covey here we include a bit of habit 3 Put first things first.

One of your recommendations is that you do not plan only the day but once a week, make a plan that allows you to see the broad panorama of the 7 days (168 hours) and distribute what he calls the big stones.

Prioritizing is just knowing what your big stones are, those roles that are vital for you, those relationships that fill your life the most, those tasks that make up your personal 80/20. It is vital that you know what is that 20% of activities that produce 80% of your results, satisfaction and profits not only economically but also emotionally.

Dimensions that you work: mental and emotional.


Question your paradigms. If the results you get are not what you want, question your mindset and try new ideas ask more questions do not take everything for granted, do not accept everything as the only reality.

As the author, Byron Katie says your thoughts change the world, question everything.

The dimension that you work:  mental


Rest enough and read daily. We point out both activities because they are different. The first is to sleep the number of hours you detect that your body requires according to your age and lifestyle. Although 8 hours are usually suggested, for some people a little less works and for others the 8 are indispensable. Remember that the body is renewed every night while you sleep, in a wonderful process.

Rest can occur during the day at various times when you realize that your pace and productivity are going down. Try for every certain amount of focused work minutes, get up, stretch and take at least 5 minutes of rest. If you have the opportunity, a short nap can also be restorative.

Dimensions that you work: physical and emotional.

Reading is so useful in everyone’s life. It allows you to learn, helps you to dream and imagine, increases your vocabulary, reinforces your writing, takes you to know ways of thinking different from yours. There is an accumulation of benefits behind the reading.

There is a range of reading and media options, for all tastes. From the physical book to the Kindle, the mobile and other devices. And if you have trouble reading, there are the audio books.

This is a winning habit. And yes there is time for those who have the motivation: you can read while you wait for an appointment, or you travel on the bus, taxi or Uber, while you make a line …

These are some wonderful book recommendations.

Dimensions that you work: mental and spiritual.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.    ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


Set short and long-term goals. Goals help you maintain focus and clarity. Stop just dreaming and begin to pass those desires to the form of goals so that you can make them come true.

Having goals motivates, gives reasons to continue when the situation becomes difficult or complicated. The goals are not only for work topics, there are personal ones. One goal may be to improve communication with your children; sleep and rest properly, eat better, apply these habits. For someone sick, it may be to recover and revitalize their energy.

To work in your favor, the important thing is that you pass through the SMART format here we tell you how and establish an action plan with deadlines.

All the people who have achieved successful results passed their dreams to goals and thus materialized them.

Dimensions you work: mental, emotional and spiritual.


Treat others as you would like them to treat the most valuable person for you. The golden rule says that you would like to be treated like you. Unfortunately, there are people who seem to like the abuse so this rule may have its exceptions.

The point is to practice basic courtesy, kindness, compassion, kindness, generosity, love, respect for others.

Avoid gossip, criticism and use assertive communication (say what you feel or think, with respect and consideration without seeking to hurt or harm).

Take into account that everything you do in some way is returned.

The dimension that you work: emotional.


Use your time wisely and unplug yourself. Here are 2 habits and powerful messages. Make the most of the time, remember time = life. Before embarking on a commitment, first of all with other people, think about whether it is the most effective use of your time and what is the price to pay and if it is worth it.

For example, if something means sacrificing the time you spend with your family, evaluate whether it is worth enough to put your family relationship at stake.

Avoid waste. Again habit 3, of the 7 habits of highly effective people, avoid the activities of quadrant 4 (excess and waste) many hours of nonsense TV, long time hooked on social networks when your family misses your company.

Have everyday spaces of silence, quiet and total disconnection of social networks. With a few minutes that you do this, you recover personal space every day and turn it into a powerful time to reflect and organize your ideas. More options in this post.

Dimensions you work: mental, emotional and spiritual.


Visualize your goals.   In another habit, we told you how important it is to set goals. Here we suggest that to help them to be fulfilled, take advantage of the power of visualization.

This is using your imagination to think that that goal has already been achieved. In that awake dream, you will see how everything looks when your goal is realized, and you can even connect with the feelings of joy, satisfaction or enthusiasm that you would have once that goal is reached.

There are many people who have given testimony of the power that this habit has in the attainment of goals, even those that when they defined them seemed extremely distant or unattainable.

As Walt Disney said, what you can dream you can create. We suggest you visualize your goals daily. It can be part of your morning ritual.

Dimensions you work: mental, emotional and spiritual.


habits that will change your lifeWake up early and start each day with your personal ritual. May your day start with something you enjoy and prepare you for what comes. This habit can go hand in hand with getting up early or getting up a little earlier than usual so you have time to practice your ritual.

If you read the biography of great leaders, you will see that many have in common the daily practice of morning rituals. There is no perfect formula. Choose 2 or 3 activities, according to your schedule, that you can do each morning to define the energy of your day.

It can be meditating, deep breaths, visualizing, affirmations in front of the mirror, smiling, thanking, minutes of silence, prayer, edifying reading, relaxation exercises, etc.

Choose 2 that you can start incorporating tomorrow and evaluate how you feel and how they helped you manage the day with a different arrangement. Here we give you more ideas on how to start the day in a powerful way.

Dimensions that you work: emotional, sometimes physical (depending on the activity you choose) and spiritual.


Be sexy and enjoy it. OK, this tip doesn’t start with X but have a big X.  Being sexy has nothing to do with something sexual but with a mental state in which we fully enjoy ourselves and our life. That confidence, security, and joy are projected.
And what helps us get our sexy side afloat, we give you some tips to show the world that you also have a sexy side and acquire the habit of leaving it uncovered whenever you want.
Eye contact is crucial. Learn to look safely in the eyes. Get dressed in something that feels good both inside (underwear) and outside. This helps you develop a more secure attitude. Read about many things because reading edifies (see the letter R of our post) and helps you develop opinions and be open to more points of view. Walk and move with safety and joy.
Smile whenever you can without covering your mouth, a smile besides is contagious and wonderful also highlights your sexy side.


Yourself in the first place.  It is very related to the habit of learning to love yourself more and it is a consequence of this. In many situations and especially when we become parents, we put the wishes of others over ours. It seems a gesture of love but deep down if we keep some resentment or discomfort is something that is not born of love.

By being generous with us and learning to put ourselves first, we will be filled with enough love and joy to be able to share from real love with others. We can not give what we don’t have. It is important to recharge your batteries or your gasoline first before sharing it with others.

Only then will we give genuine love. Put yourself first, it is your task and not of others. If everyone cares for themselves we will be individuals with a solid personal victory capable of serving and supporting others in an authentic way and not just to look good or keep up appearances.

Dimensions that you work: emotional and spiritual.


habits that will change your lifeZoom on the things you like.  Most of the time for some reason we human beings worry about the bad that can happen or we focus on events that we label as negative.

We know a person and suddenly we are seeing all his faults. A good habit is to see beyond and learn to focus and make zoom on the good, the experiences we enjoy, the pleasant things we live and the strengths or virtues of people, not their weaknesses.

It is a great habit that will help you keep your mind in a positive tone, face challenges with a better attitude and this, in turn, will allow you to find gold where others can not find anything.

Dimensions that you work: mental, emotional and spiritual.

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