How to organize your life (7 ideas to organize yourself better in 2019)


How to organize your life better (7 ideas to organize yourself in 2019)

Life is beautiful and part of that beauty is spontaneity. However, a good dose of organization and planning is good for everyone. Planning allows you to take advantage of your main asset, time. Time = life.  In 2019, one of your main goals can be how to organize your life better.

Think that if you lack planning you are leaving your valuable time at the mercy of others, the fortuitous daily circumstances or the plans that others have established.

Planning also helps you simplify your decisions because it allows you to see your priorities more clearly.

Inspired by many current leaders (although they are no longer with us) and people that I follow and admire, I share these ideas.

A winning habit

One of the habits that you will commonly find in successful people is the organization.

It does not mean that your life has to be perfectly planned (read again the first line of this blog) but weekly, you determine a time in which you review your goals, your relationships, your activities.  You define what is most important or set priorities for you and you give it to your 168 hours per week, the right amount of time.

You will recognize what is important to you because when you do it, it gives you meaning and purpose, you feel that it is something essential, you enjoy it, it recharges you and if you stop executing or neglecting these actions, in the medium term you will have unpleasant crises or consequences.

Putting out fires or flowing with joy

How to organize your life

When there is zero or too little planning, even if you do a lot of things, you will have that feeling that you have not done anything.

You spend a good part of your week putting out fires, running from one place to another, agitated, burned out, you feel tired but in the end you realize that much of what has been done has a low value for you or very little connection with those goals or relationships that you define as keys in your life.

On the contrary, when you make your weekly planning and a daily review, you make sure to block time for those activities of high value and impact on your life; just those that will give you energy, sense of purpose and are those that will recharge you so you can do everything else. You can also separate minutes or hours for your most important relationships.

This way you will flow during the week with joy and, even if there are challenges, emergencies or unforeseen events, you will have an extra dose of energy and optimism to handle them.

Ready to know how to organize your life better.


When in a workshop I ask the participants how they handle planning, a high percentage responds that they do not write, but that they carry many of their tasks in mind.

Although the human mind is powerful, there are more significant activities, such as creating, analyzing, finding solutions, learning something, in which you can take advantage of this wonderful resource. To record information, although the mind is a good hard drive, it is not the wisest use.

Planning works best when you record your activities (tasks, appointments or commitments, projects or key dates) in something physical or virtual. It can be an agenda, a calendar or board with post its, an app, Google calendar, whatever you want.

Choose the system that best suits your personality, your lifestyle and your way of being, but define that «system» by which you will register your activities, review them weekly, validate whether you did them or not, and if necessary, reprogram them.


How to organize your life


You are one of those who only schedule professional commitments and what happened to your personal life, that is also important, in fact. it is the one that gives meaning to everything else.

From now you should include in your planning all the key roles, both professional and personal and what each of them entails (appointments, projects, key dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc).


How to organize your life

You can say a negotiated NO, that shows respect towards the other and consideration towards your request. It is not about saying no to everything and stop cooperating with others, but always avoid interrupting or postponing something that is valuable to you in order to do what others ask you to do.

You learn to say that you can not at that moment because you choose to do an important task or action for you. Then ask the other person if your request can be answered later (in an hour, a few minutes or the next day).

Even if you are a boss, if you see that you are organized and can give you a strong argument to not immediately address something that is not urgent, it is very likely that you understand. The problem arises when you say No because you have «a lot to do» but you can not back up with evidence what are those many tasks and priorities among which you must choose.


Putting the important first and leaving space in planning is not enough, requires part of your discipline, commitment to you and integrity. It is essential that you be firm. Ask yourself if you are really willing to comply or not. If you feel that it is not, it is better, to be honest, and say it at the moment and pay the price for it, than to say yes complacent and then look bad.

This also applies to ourselves. If I commit myself to get up early to do exercises, it’s because I’m going to do it, but I better not write it down because seeing each day as I violate my own commitments reinforces my idea that I am unfulfilled.


How to organize your lifeA week is a much more complete period to manage your activities in a balanced way. One week gives you 7 days or 168 hours to distribute personal and professional activities and to establish a balance so that you not only focus on «putting out fires», the day to day but to work gradually on goals, projects, and life purposes.

The recommendation is that each week you choose a day (preferably Sunday or Monday) in which you can take 20 to 30 minutes to check dates, see the previous week’s pending and rearrange them. While doing this exercise connect with your goals, your most important roles. and relationships and make sure that within your planning you provide quality lapses.


How to organize your life

If your week is full of appointments, projects, and commitments, you will not be able to handle unexpected events, which are and will be the order of the day, or you will lose opportunities that may arise.

An overly full agenda is neither realistic nor effective. You may have a couple of tight weeks a year but they should be the exception and not the rule.


If you already got used to responding to everything you like «I do not have time» although you cry for more balance in your life, you need to adjust the way you see life.

Yes, it’s true, you have many tasks, it’s a challenge to organize yourself but as Lao Tzé said, «a thousand mile journey starts with one step.»

In this case, step 1 is to recognize that you have let yourself be seduced and carried away by emergencies, the role of a superhero, the lack of planning, the pressure of others. Step 2 is to understand that all those actions that you carry out like an ant, lose meaning if they are not connected with your purpose, your goals, your greatest desires.

Step 3 is to decide to take the reins of your life, to be the protagonist and not the follower, to be the driver and not the co-pilot. This is where you open a space for each week to visualize what you want to do, include it in your plans and see in the remaining time how you accommodate the rest.

The plans are not infallible, but they give us a sense of purpose and that generates a soul in peace, a positive spirit and a life that flows with joy among its whirlwinds, its urgencies, and its priorities.

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