loving yourself more

7 advantages of loving yourself more [every day]


advantages of loving yourself more [every day]

For some people, it may be an easy task, but for a large number of people, practice self-love is a course they continually disapprove of.

I admit that I am in the process of loving myself more and there are still areas in which I repeat the test and I can not approve it with an outstanding grade.

Today we talk about advantages of loving yourself more [every day]

# 1 – If you love yourself deeply you are capable of loving others in the same measure.

Loving and showing affection is far from being selfish, it is just the opposite.

To the extent that you love yourself, you accept yourself as you are, stop criticizing yourself, you care less about what others think and you are able to recognize all your potential.

You can only give what you have. If you do not have love within you, love that you have given yourself, what can you give to others?

# 2 – Loving yourself helps you be a better person.

Imagine for a moment how can act a person who believes that he or she is valuable, that he/she has something unique and special to offer the world and that his/her life has a meaningful purpose.

Surely he/she is someone full of love, joy for life, in his/her vocabulary, the kind words abound, radiates enthusiasm and positive energy but is also an assertive person who does not shut up or hide what he/she really feels to please others.

To love yourself definitively, helps you to be a better person. This is another advantage of loving yourself more.

# 3 – When you value yourself enough you avoid people who mistreating you or hurting you.

In simple words, you give yourself your place.

Think about it, a person who loves himself will not be willing to accept less than he feels he deserves. Therefore, for your relationships, you will choose people who treat you well, who want you and appreciate you for what you are with all your virtues and defects.

There is a quote that says «we accept the love we think we deserve.» Love yourself enough to know how to detect when there is no reciprocity and on the contrary, you despise it.

# 4 – It has a positive impact on your professional life.

When you love yourself, you are able to request what you think and feel that you deserve. If you love yourself, you request a fair payment.

If for some reason you require to work in a place where you receive less than you know you deserve, you will do your best while you work there, but looking for that option that is better aligned with you. In the opposite case, you remain anchored for years to a job you do not enjoy or whose income is below what you aspire.

If you identify with the situation described in the previous paragraph, it is possible that you need to strengthen your self-worth and merit.

And if you think you are like this because of the economic situation, think that no matter how the worldwide finances are, there are people who every day do what they love and are capable of producing wealth by doing it or earning astronomical amounts of money.

Those people know how to recognize what they deserve, value and appreciate. Therefore, life responds to them providing situations in which their talents are recognized in the right way.


loving yourself more

# 5 – You accept and you admire more.

One way to recognize that we love each other more is when we are able to see ourselves in a mirror or in a photo and appreciate ourselves as we are.

Instead of looking first at the chubby, the imperfections or how badly our hair looks, first we see that special shine in the eyes, the vivacity or the sparkle of our smile, the funny that is our pose, the good combination of the clothes or how cool our skin looks.

It is not about ignoring what can be improved, but putting more focus and attention on the good, the beautiful or the charming we have.

# 6 – You take care of yourself in every sense

A person with self-love will be more careful with what he/she eats because he/she knows that his/her body is unique and irreplaceable and that it is his sacred and special temple.

Therefore, if you love yourself, you will make healthier or more convenient choices. If you love you will recognize when it is important to rest and honor that time. You will exercise to take care of your figure and your health. If you have any pain or discomfort, you will pay attention to it in a timely manner.

It is easy at this point to detect our level of love. Think about everything you do to take care of the people you love most, for example, your children, parents, partner or friends. What would you do if they are sick, or have health problems or have not rested enough? Now answer, do you do exactly the same for you? Or you do less.

# 7 – You radiate confidence and happiness. You become a magnet of good experiences.

Happiness is a beautiful visible accessory, just like trust.

If you love yourself, you will reflect confidence and happiness, it will be noticed on your face, in your body language and in the way you speak.

Of course in this state, you will be vibrating at the highest level (the level of love) and you open the possibility of continuing to attract more healthy experiences, positive, reliable and happy people to your life.

Live a simple, beautiful and happy life every day.
In our next post, we will share ways you can love yourself more.
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