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3 powerful daily habits to start your day [tips]


3 powerful daily habits to start your day [tips]

If you want to start your day full of energy, vitality and in a positive way, we share these 3 powerful daily habits to start a great day with a high vibration.

It doesn´t matter if it’s Monday or Friday. Being alive deserves a daily celebration and more if we enjoy good health, well-being, and people who love us. Can we ask for more? Of course! But without losing sight of the fact that we already have enough, it is nice to appreciate the privileges that surround us and to be willing to enjoy the process permanently, while more good things continue to come into our lives.


Mentalize yourself.  It is important that before doing something or following any tip you define why it is worth doing it? Even if the answer is obvious or simple, it is vital that you be clear about why you are doing this or what are you doing it for? You want to start the day with more energy, with a deep feeling of joy and rejoicing for life; raise your dose of optimism; prepare to face all kinds of everyday situations with a better mental scheme.

Your why is important before starting any new practice.

Create in advance your morning ritual and leave the environment ready.

End in mind: show you pure love and recharge your batteries to have a great day. Our life is worth it, we are worth it and we will show each day this love through this morning ritual. Recommended time: 20 minutes. It will be a wonderful, unique and personalized way to start each day.

To create your morning ritual think of 2 things that you like and enjoy a lot and you can do in a short time. With just giving you a taste of something you love you will leave your body, mind, and spirit tuned to vibrate positively for the rest of the day.

There are a couple of basic suggestions for this ritual:

  1. As soon as you open your eyes, thanks. It is essential that you include gratitude. No matter how you woke up, you are alive and that deserves a big Thanks! At that time you can also think of 3 things that you feel grateful for, mention them out loud or in your mind and thank them too.  Here you can find 55 things you can be thankful for.
  2. Turn the moment of the shower into a «religious experience» (remember that Spanish song, as well). This is the perfect time for your mindfulness. Feel the water, listen to each sound and give affection to your body.
    If you prepare your stage the night before, you can be ready with scented candles or relaxing background music, that you just have to start. Remove at this time the review of the agenda of the day, some unpleasant memories, any thoughts that stress you.

Depending on how long you are in the shower, you can dedicate the rest of the time to one of your favorite activities or you can choose between these recommendations: 5 minutes of powerful affirmations, you can say them in your bed, in front of a mirror or listen to them with headphones; a couple of minutes of meditation or at least deep breaths; a set of physical exercises; 2 minutes of power poses in front of the mirror; 5 minutes of reading an uplifting book.

You already have a menu of morning routine examples. Now you only have to choose and leave your morning ritual ready.

HABIT 1powerful daily habits

Wake up 20 minutes earlier to practice your morning ritual. Yes, the pillow and bed are delicious and that warmth that both have in the morning seem irresistible however I guarantee that practicing this ritual daily will provide many benefits and allow you to start the day with a better perspective.

If you get up earlier than usual you can really dedicate 20 minutes of quality to start your day as a champion, with great spirit and showing appreciation and love for yourself. They are positive and empowering feelings.

HABIT 2powerful daily habits

Have breakfast to nourish your body. Be honest with yourself and think about what you are having for breakfast. Some people do not even eat breakfast. Consider that your body has been without food for several hours. Even if you have not been active, in the usual way, you have been working and working. It is natural that it requires a charge of energy. The reflection here is: we are having breakfast that really gives us energy or we simply eat to feel full and satisfy hunger.

According to your lifestyle and morning routine evaluate the quality of what you are having breakfast and make the necessary adjustments. If it is too much, reduce portions; If you feel slower or heavier than energized, it is possible that the type of food chosen or the amount is inappropriate.

Think that food is your gasoline for the day. You are giving your body powerful additives or you are filling it with something that allows you to barely walk while obstructing or recharging other areas.

Your body is wonderful, cherish it.

Pure energy greens with MSM!


Get inspired.   You know what ignites your spark, that topic or desire that activates a deep feeling of gratitude with life, that resonates with you and helps you to continue even if the road has several obstacles. Keep it in mind before starting your day.

Inspiration is defined as the stimulus that animates creative work in art or science. Everyone knows what stimulates or excites them. What thought, mental image or word can help us jump out of bed like a spring because it lights our spark and our inner fire.

Two practices that I have are, programming as if it were an activity or task, an alarm on the cell phone that says in a sentence or word, something that connects with my stimulus. In my case FREEDOM. When I read that term it becomes a trigger for multiple emotions.

The inspiration is internal and comes from feeling grateful to be alive and see each day a new opportunity to live and enjoy. However, there are days when the mood can be on the floor and that reminder breaks with that negative cycle that sometimes wants to settle.

The other practice is to have a wall of inspiration. A small space on the wall that I can see since I open my eyes and that contains images and phrases linked to my goals, achievements for which I am proud, things that I like, countries that I wish to visit. It´s like a vision board, is my inspiration board.

And an extra tip as a bonus, change the habit of watching the morning news loaded with negative information by listening to music, saying affirmations or mantras. If you insist on watching the news, look for a newscast that is balanced and share general global information and do not focus on all the bad things that happen in one place. The local news, at least those of my country, are like that.

It’s not about living in Lalaland but knowing how many crimes there were does not help me start the day with a productive mentality, encouraged to continue celebrating life and giving the best of me. On the contrary, the effect tends to be that you get bitter, you get frustrated, you feel overwhelmed and stressed before you even step out of your home.

I hope you encourage yourself to include some of these powerful daily habits in your morning routine. Nothing complicated, they are simple and generated from the greatest love of all, which we feel for ourselves because we can not give what we do not have. That is why it is essential to express love to yourself daily.

If you like to read this post in Spanish here is.

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